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About Us

Aladin1: a B2B+ PLUS site for WorldTrade from Nett-Tel GmbH Germany Founded in March 2018, YiwuNynelNetworkTechnologyCo.,Ltd is a B2B+ PLUS network platform company providing world-class trade information. Nett-Tel GmbH is its headquarters. GmbH is aGerman marketing company located in Sarsted 31157, south of Hanover's largest city. Aladin1 (aladin1.com) headquarters, located in Yiwu, China, is a worldwide import and export online world of Chinese and foreign products information. It provides e-commerce services. It aims to use the Internet to sell Chinese products to the world and import foreign products to China. Its information platform and high quality business services provide much stronger support for Chinese and foreign trading development. Aladin1 in response to "Made in China 2025", with a huge and accurate commercial information database, convenient and efficient functions and services to help many suppliers and purchasers to establish contacts, supply business opportunities. To open a convenient e-commerce door for Chinese products into the domestic and international markets, especially in Europe and the United State. As the world's largest B2B PLUS trade information platform, Aladin1 has become an effective trade bridge between global buyers and Chinese product suppliers, thanks to its rich experience and successful operation in the B2B+ PLUS global trade field. High-quality and reliable information on Chinese products and suppliers what aladin1 supply promote trade and cooperation between global sellers and Chinese suppliers Aladin1's German head office Nett-tel GmbH. Ntt-Tel GmbH gives help for companies looking for overseas markets and buyers looking for Chinese products. Since 2014, Nett-tel GmbH has accumulated a lot of loyal users at home and abroad. The promotion areas are mainly in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia in Oceania. New Zealand and other European regions with frequent trade with Chinese products. It provides a high-quality trading platform for international buyers looking for Chinese products. Whyjoin inAladin 1: 1. 100% guarantee transaction information, customer information security; 2. 100% guarantee seller's reputation, including but not limited to payment and product quality; 3. B2B+ PLUS Trading Company from Germany; 4. Enrich and locate accurate product database; Professional e-commerce website, including 16 products home directory more than 400 sub directories, products are very targeted. 5. Simple, clear website design style; There is no extra advertising, in line with the overseas buyers of the use of habits. The content is more important than the form, the performance price ratio is high. 6. Agreat deal of publicity at the exhibition; Guangzhou fair,expo, physical expo, light trade fair,chinafair,ASEAN exposition,Yiexpo, etc., as well as all kinds of foreign professional exhibitions, details of which can be found on the company's website for www.aladin1.com 7. Create greater value for customers; Work with various government departments in Germany and China to help customers find real buyers in the shortest possible time, saving time, energy and costs. 8. On-line and off-line services; Aladin1 serves as a safe bridge between buyers and sellers, as well as offline service companies, one-stop. The seller will not worry about being cheated or logistics from then on. Our offline service company will solve any of your troubles and reduce unnecessary losses to you. Such as negotiation, quotation, purchase, translation, pre production confirmation, follow up orders, sampling-identification, inspection and quality control, per shipment inspection, risk-control, tracking. Order goods and soon. Aladin1.com B2B+ PLUS explains: 1. In the platform merchants can directly communicate with all our customers and agents. 2. The platform covers all types of business, including manufacturing, trade, distribution, transportation, insurance, finance, tourism and other categories, as well as any company that can provide a variety of services or business opportunities to our customers or agents. 3. PLUS because it's not just a B2B platform, it's a guide, a job center and a business opportunity center: a. Membership registration, allowing you to see and be seen by all other registered members. b. Banner ads with your logo or links will drive your site; c. Classifiedads whereyou can publishyour quotation, your property sales, ca e. Advertising provides that you can release your sales inventory or monthly supply in the company's marketing tools; f. Agent, in view of the agent to help sell your products in the form of commission, you make full use of and directly contact our agent database around the world, set up your sales team (local, national or international). g.Alarge number of email services can help you block spam free of charge and convey your information to all our customers or agents. Preferential policies for August 2018. What Aladin1 VIP members need to do: 1.Login account number and password; 2.Upload product pictures; 3.Upload English information of products; 4.Release product information; 5.Email details with buyers; 6.Identify all transaction details; 7.Complete the buyer's order within the agreed time. Aladin1 services include: 1.Free online and offline advertising for merchants at homeand abroad; 2.Professionals come to train merchants how to operate the interface of the site, use, application, editing and so on; 3.Training merchants in the use and design of subsidiary websites; 4.Toprovide merchants with the key words of foreign product information search; 5.Help merchants upload and edit product information; 6.Help merchants translate product information; 7.100 per cent guarantee for commercial tenants; 8.Provide online services and help 24 hours a day; 9.Provide face-to-face meeting opportunities for targeted clients; 10.Help merchants contact potential target customers by telephone, fax and mail; 11.Help merchants to improve customer loyalty; 12.Members can exchange their trading records for products offered by our partners or sponsors, such as airline tickets, hotel reservations, correspondence, exhibitions, advertisements, bonuses from business events, etc 阿拉丁: 一个来源于德国的世界贸易 B2B+PLUS 网站 义乌市尼奈科技网络有限公司、Aladin1,成立于 2018 年 3 月,是一家提供世界级贸易 信息的 B2B+PLUS 网络平台公司,GmbH 是它的总部。GmbH 是一家德国营销公司,位于汉诺 威最大的城市南部萨尔特斯 31157。 Aladin1(aladin1.com)总部位于中国义乌,是一个中国及国外产品信息荟萃的进出口网 上世界,所提供的电子商务服务,旨在利用互联网将中国产品远销全球,同时也将国外的产 品进口到中国。它的信息平台和优质商业服务更为中国对内、外贸易的发展提供了强有力的 支持。Aladin1 的宗旨是响应“中国智造 2025”,凭借巨大而翔实的商业信息数据库,便捷而 高效的功能和服务,帮助众多供应商和采购商建立联系、提供商业机会,为中国产品进入国 内和国际市场尤其是欧美市场开启了一扇方便的电子商务之门。 Aladin1 作为全球最大的 B2B+ PLUS 贸易信息平台,凭借在 B2B+ PLUS 全球贸易领域 的丰富经验和成功运营,有效的成为了全球买家和中国产品供应商之间的贸易桥梁,提供的 优质可靠的中国产品和供应商信息促进了全球卖家和中国产品供应商之间的贸易活动和合 作。 Aladin1的德国总公司Nett-tel.GmbH对希望开拓海外市场的企业以及寻找中国产品的 买家提供帮助。自 2014 年发展到现在,德国 Nett-tel GmbH 公司积累了很多忠实的国内外使用者; 推广区域主要集中在北美的美国、加拿大、南美、大洋洲的澳大利亚、新西兰等与中国产品 贸易频繁的欧洲地区,为国际买家寻找中国产品提供了一个优质的贸易平台。 为什么要加入 Aladin1: 1. 100%保证交易信息、客户信息的安全; 2. 100%担保买卖家的信誉,包括但不限于付款和产品品质; 3. 来自德国的 B2B+ PLUS 贸易公司; 4. 丰富并定位准确的产品数据库; 专业的电子商务网站,包括 16 大产品主目录,400 多种子目录,产品极具针对性。 5. 简洁、清晰的网站设计风格; 没有多余的广告,符合海外买家的使用习惯。内容更重于形式,性价比高。 6. 大力度的展会宣传; 广交会、消博会、体博会、轻博会、华交会、东盟博览会、义博会等等,还有各种国 外专业展会,详情可到公司网站查询 www.aladin1.com 7. 为客户创造更大的价值; 与德国和中国的各个政府部门合作,在最短的时间内,帮客户找到真正的买家,节约 时间、精力和成本。 8. 线上线下一体服务; Aladin1 作为连接买家和卖家之间的安全桥梁,同时还有线下的服务公司,一站式的 采购,从此卖家不用再担心会被骗或者物流的问题。我们的线下服务公司会解决您任何的烦 恼,进而减少给您带来的不必要的损失。比如谈判、报价、采购、翻译、生产前确认、跟进 订单、取样确认、检验和质量控制、装运前检查、控制风险、跟踪订单货款等等。 2 aladin1.com B2B PLUB 解释: 1. 在平台商户可以直接和我们所有的客户和代理商沟通; 2. 平台涵盖了所有的业务,包括制造、贸易、分销、运输、保险、金融、旅游以及其他类 别,其他还包括任何能为我们的客户或代理商提供各种服务或商业机会的公司; 3. PLUS 因为它不仅仅是一个 B2B 平台,更是一个指南,一个就业中心和商业机会中心: a. 会员注册,允许你看到和被所有其他注册会员看到; b. 带有您 logo 或链接的横幅广告,会推动您的网站; c. 分类广告,在那里您可以发布您的报价,您的财产销售,汽车销售或者其他任何东西; d. 公司简介,在那里您可以发布公司动态、公司照片、员工照片、生产流水线照片,并 发布任何相关的信息,这些信息将吸引许多其他公司和您做生意; e. 广告提供,您可以在公司的营销工具那里发布您的销售库存或月供货量; f. 代理商,鉴于代理商用佣金的形式帮助销售您的产品,您充分利用并直接联系我们在 世界各地的代理商数据库,建立您的销售队伍(本地、全国或国际); g. 大量的电子邮件服务,可以免费帮助您屏蔽垃圾邮件,传达您的信息给我们的所有客 户或代理。 2018 年 8 月份优惠政策: 一、福田市场商户=2 年免费会员 二、福田市场外部=1 年免费会员 服务费 5000 元 2 年 不收取其他任何费用 Aladin1 后期恢复会员价: 所有会员:40000=1 年 Aladin1 会员所需做的内容: 1. 登陆账号和密码; 2. 上传产品图片; 3. 上传产品英文信息; 4. 发布产品信息; 5. 与买家进行邮件详谈; 6. 确定所有的交易细节; 7. 在协定时间内保质保量完成买家的订单。 Aladin1 公司服务费包括的内容: 1. 免费为商户进行国内外的在线和离线的广告宣传; 2. 专业人员上门培训商户如何操作网站的界面、使用、应用、编辑等等; 3. 对商户进行使用和设计子公司网站的培训; 4. 给商户提供在国外产品信息搜索的关键词; 5. 帮商户上传并编辑产品信息; 6. 帮商户翻译产品信息内容; 7. 对商户进行 100%的保证; 3 8. 一天 24 小时提供在线服务和帮助; 9. 为针对性的目标客户提供面对面的见面机会; 10. 帮助商户通过电话、传真、邮件方式联系潜在的目标客户; 11. 帮助商户提高客户的忠诚度; 12. 会员可以用自己的交易记录来兑换我们合作伙伴或者赞助商所提供的产品,比如机 票、酒店预订、通信、参加展览、广告、商业活动提供的奖金等等